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After Recording Return To: Space Above This Line For Recording Data DEED OF TRUST DEFINITIONS Words used in multiple sections of this document are defined below and other words are defined in Sections
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Yes I mean it's the difference between a think the mortgage and the deed of trust is the process of foreclosure right we're easy they have to use a judge and go through the court system or with the deed of trust you go through the clerk you do not go through the court system to do a foreclosure because the in the d to trust the language states if you do not pay us we have a right to foreclose, and you know you go to in North Ghana you go to a clerk's office and stay hey here's my facts we would like to foreclose on it right okay, so that's interesting I dream I think i forgot about that which is it if it's something that the clerk of courts who's not as highly paid as a judge and doesn't have the backlog of docket cases like the judges and the courtrooms do, so maybe that was one of the primary reasons where we go with a deed of trust it just keeps it out of the whole court scheduling system yeah and I honestly don't know what my reason was originally, and I'm sure some smart people came up with a good idea right
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